Marries Otilia Ortiz Liebich.
Travels to Austria, Germany and France. The Bote & Bock, a Berlin publishing house, publishes his Deuxième Sonate pour piano. stay in Europe convinced me that we had to create our own thing, he writes, build our scene and act upon it, do what we could, a great deal or a little, good or bad, but it had to be our own and somewhat different

Upon his return to Mexico, he organizes and directs the Conciertos de Música Nueva series, which during a period of three consecutive years presents for the first time in Mexico the chamber works of Stravinsky, Schoenberg, Bartok, Honegger, Poulenc, Satie, Falla, Revueltas, etc., which earn him the epithet of strident musician. Silvestre Revueltas and the singer Lupe Medina participate in those programs. He composes Tres exágonos based on texts of the poet Carlos Pellicer.

Resides in New York. His relationship with Varèse, Copland and the critic Paul Rosenfeld date back to this period.
The International Composers' Guild, led by Varèse and Carlos Salzedo, includes in their programs: Tres exágonos and the Danza de los hombres y las máquinas HP.