The bonhomie, the intelligence, the artistic-creator genius, the wise persistence, the clarity of mind, the verticality of principles, the passion for institutionalism, the pedagogic gift and that of command, the administrative ability, are qualities of the ideal public man. Rarely do we see them in real life with the clarity in which these came together in Carlos Chávez.

His example must positively shine a light in many disciplines for future generations. In Mexico, in music, people speak of before and after Chávez. His name is the center of controversies but it is also the axis of all the significant currents of search in this country, so much in need of inventing a musical tradition.

For all that, Chávez’s true measure is his universality. This goes beyond the national homages and places him in the level of the great contemporary creators.

Mexico knows how to extol the memory of a man born in this country, but in his 60 years of a prolific life, he gained the citizenship of the world, that which belongs to superior men.

Eduardo Mata