Our generation was fortunate to have the opportunity to give back to art its fundamental values set aside by those, who in their eagerness to serve the revolutionary political movement, found the easiest way to do so by submitting it to a role that was not in its nature and, thereby, curtailed its freedom, which is precisely the seat of its grandeur.

Our task was a difficult one and serves as an easy target for demagoguery.

Despite that, I believe we achieved our objective and you and I, whom walked together from our early youth to pursue our well-defined ideal, managed to stand out with our work that was fortunate to be universally recognized.

Before me you were handed a life that is supposed to be better than this one and in which it is also assumed that things happen at a higher level where envy, at least, will not inconvenience you with its trivial troubles as it does in this world and, especially, in this region of ours.

I will continue to be around for a while longer and fortunately I won’t be feeling them because with time I have become hardened the same as you did while you were with us.

Therefore, I shall continue onward unfazed. I simply want to tell you that when my time comes, there in the other life, we will walk together once again in order to complete our work since you well know that in this life time is short and insufficient for us to carry out what we would have wanted.

So, until then, my dear Carlos.

Rufino Tamayo